Volunteer Kick Off Party (CANCELLED)

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Salt Spring Pride Festival 2020

Volunteer Kick Off Party, March 15. 2pm

Hello All you wonderful Folks!

This is our second Invite and Reminder with, as promised – more details!

Who is Invited? When? Where?

As people who have volunteered so far (or might volunteer) to be part of co-creating the 2020 Pride Festival you are cordially invited to attend the Kick Off Pride Party/potluck gathering on March 15, 2020 at 2pm-5pm, cleanup and debrief 5-6pm.

Address: 180 Old Divide Road (home of Sharon and Jean).

(AND YES. It’s true. Pride dates have changed from September to July. Summer fun and madness! The evolutionary Salt Spring Pride Festival 2020 July 24,25,26.)

  1. Food. This is a potluck. Daissi is supplying a roasted turkey prepped and cooked by Deb. Lisa is providing cranberry sauce.

No time to prepare food? Attend anyway. Just help out where you can if needed.

  1. Recycling and Garbage no paper products please. Bring your own napkin – some are provided
    take home all your recycling and non compostable food
  2. Clean Up and Debrief 5-6pm “ish” rsvp please if you can help with clean up and/or debriefing
  3. Accessibility Assessment of this Venue: See the Inventory below for details on Mobility/Wheelchair, Alternative Seating, Rest Area, Alcohol and Drugs, Hearing Impaired, Seeing Impaired, Transportation, Allergies,
  4. Parking, Drop-off, UpHill Walk to House: Parking assistants – Kath and Laura parking is on Old Divide Road.
    Old Divide does not have heavy or fast traffic, so side of the road parking is OK but watch for cars when crossing.
    Do not park up at the house as that is reserved for disability parking, drop offs, and one spot is kept open for turn arounds (obvious)
    park on Old Divide Road and walk up a rather steep driveway to the house. It is about a 2-3 minute walk. Kath and Laura will be your greeters and parking assistants to help maneuver the one lane driveway. Kath at the bottom, Laura at the top. You can drop off your food items at the front door and drive back down. (or car pool from the street to the door). It will be obvious.
  5. Lost or forgotten Items – Don’t! unless it is a cell phone, all lost items will be put outside the front door for your pick up. You have a week – then it goes to the Thrift Store. Yikes! But to keep using a private home for gatherings please understand forgotten items are a super major hassle.
  6. Program Circle: introductions. Welcome. Envisioning.
    Site Map: At this party we hope to show you the Site Map of the Farmers’ Institute on Rainbow Road, Salt Spring Island, where the Festival has been booked. Together we can visualize how that space will accommodate the ideas suggested so far – workshops, vendors, camping in the “Pride Village”, children’s area, Performance Stage, Wellness Tent, games, and more.
    Roles: together we can identify the volunteer roles needed to secure and support the site and the activities of the Festival.
    Volunteer Shifts: We will have a Wall Chart of volunteer roles that you can sign up for, or even create your role.
    Brainstorm Mural: Discussion. The festival program will be what you can offer. Truly – Pride this year will be co-created by all of us together. Bring your ideas based on what you, or you in partnership with your friends, feel inspired to offer and implement. We have so many talents within our community to share with each other. Daissi and the Pride Committee will do its best to provide the space for your offerings and a few guidelines. Daissi plans to sponsor a few keynote events/workshops.
    Socialize: meet some new comers, catch up with old friends.

Again – The address is 180 Old Divide Road, off Cranberry Road, en route to Mount Maxwell.

Parking is on the street.

Food and passenger drop off can be up the driveway at the house.

Please rsvp to help us plan this event. Also OK to just show up.

Looking forward to getting together with all of you, and enjoying the launch of our collective creative Queer energy!

Your Daissi Board: Juli, Miranda, Bill, Jean, Kristan, Gorgon, Shellyse

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