Queer Environmentalism

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Sunday April 26, dinner, Lions Hall.

Queer Environmentalism: Can Our Difference Make a Difference?

“Queers who Care” plans spring feast and evening of conversation and connectionSave the date! Sunday April 26 “Queers who Care” will offer a light-hearted evening of feasting, conversation and connection at the Lions’ Hall, with a chance to explore the notion of queer environmentalism. Can we bring the lens of queer difference to environmental issues? Are there ways for queer difference to make a difference? The evening is sponsored by DAISSI.The environmental movement’s focus on protecting and restoring the diversity of natural landscapes, and the queer liberation movement’s focus on protecting and restoring the diversity of human identities and erotic practices, have much to say to each other. The organizers of Queers who Care believe that we can fruitfully link our experience as LGBTQ2SIA+ folks and our support for human diversity with supporting the flourishing of natural diversity and protecting all our relations from harm.Queer folks’ experiences may educate us in special competencies. As LGBTQ2SIA+ people, we have each in our own way found courage to choose what is right for us, in contradiction to the dominant culture’s prohibitions and interdictions. We have been forced to experience immense losses and deep grief. We have created communities based on love and the celebration of difference, rather than communities rooted in fear and the exclusion of difference. These are all essential skills for the work of environmental justice.The event Sunday April 26 will be a chance to celebrate with delicious food, conversation and connection. People attending will be offered some fun group activities to develop ideas and select a workshop on an ecological theme that can be integrated into Pride 2020. We will have a chance to vote with DAISSI dollars on which idea we would like to see included in Pride, guiding the organization on the allocation of community resources.

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