Queer Erotic Spirit

In 2009 Caffyn Jesse offered a workshop on Queer Erotic Spirit.

Are you curious about the notion that sex can be sacred? Gay Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer artists and activists have developed unique intersections of sex and spirit. Participants heard a talk that touched on the history of sacred same-sex sexuality in diverse cultures, and the contributions of contemporary erotic explorers to expanding possibilities for human sexuality. Explicit video and images were shown with a mix of frisky how-to instructions and deep inspiration for sacred sex.

While everyone kept their clothes on at this workshop, participants were invited to take a guided meditation to meet their own capacity to be a sexual healer, and experiment with ecstasy breathing. All registered participants received a workbook on sacred sexuality.

See Caffyn’s “Queer Sacred Sex Principles” and check out her website at www.erospirit.ca