Lambda Foundation Human Rights Awards

Contributed by Jack H, 2009

It was discussions among GLOSSI board members because of Homophobia at G.I.S.S. that led eventually, through the Lambda Foundation to two annual Human Rights Awards at G.I.S.S. The awards in 2007 for $700 will be $1000 each in 2010. It is hoped and expected that these awards (at least one in some years) will be awarded in perpetuity.

The late Dr. Gary Gibson, vice- president of the Lambda Foundation, Bill Turner teacher and mentor to the Gay Straight Alliance, Jack Hallam retired biologist and teacher involved in funding and several others including Caffyn Kelley and David Rumsey were instrumental in establishing these awards.

In the fall of 2008 a committee of Bill, Caffyn, Jack and Maggie Allison of G.I.S.S. clarified that these are awards to grade 12 students not scholarships and applicants may plan to follow a non-academic career.

One award is for a student who has been active in opposing Homophobia, the other is for a student who demonstrated that she or he has been active in combating Racism directed at persons of colour including First Nations peoples. Applicants are also required to write a short essay on one of a variety of Human Rights issues.