Lloyd Nicholson

Decorative plaster caster and plexiglass abstract expressionist artist.

(250) 537-3063 Lloyd Nicholson

Honouring Times of Transition

From births to deaths, birthdays to graduations, retirements to initiations of all kinds; from the sacred to the soulful simplicity of the everyday, we co-weave public celebrations and private rituals with you and your loved ones. Together we deeply honour who you are and the multitude of passage inherent to one’s journey making life.

(250) 653-0036 Robert Birch email farmboys@saltspring.com

Orientation: Mapping Queer Meanings

A website by Salt Spring artist Caffyn Jesse invites visitors to explore the cultural meanings and social power of homosexuality. Queer people are linked to myth, history, and the capacity to transform society.

www.queermap.com Caffyn Jesse