The audience was invited to leave messages for project participants during the Pride festivities on September 10, 2005. Here are the comments that were left in the collage:
I learned so much. Beautiful expression. Freedom, joy, power. Thanks! – Sonia

I love the beauty in the faces, in the effort to share art, stories, or queer lives – I want to take this collage into the elementary, middle and high school. Blessed be.

Wonderful. A window into many lives. I love seeing people’s lives unfold. Thanks. Jackie
Great maps, great people. Bravery and inspiration – Aaron

Congratulations on your first pride from accidental participants Anna and Wendy, Seattl

Dear everyone – thanks you so much for all your time putting these collages together. Wonderful to see the breadth of your lives and thoughts. – Clare

Wonderful! Well done! It’s so lovely to see everyone gathered together. Thank you for getting this together. – Nicola

An inspiring project, well presented. We need more recognition of our diverse and personal life experiences. – Andrew

It is always refreshing for my soul to see people loving other people, to see love expressed. After all, we are love. Thank you. James

Not from Salt Spring Island but thoroughly enjoyed the “maps” – intellectually stimulating

Thank you for such a wonderful gathering!

I love the donkey-man!

I am overwhelmed by the love, joy and pride I see in these collages. Intimate truths shared with the whole community. Please keep sharing!