DAISSI (Diverse and Inclusive Salt Spring Island) is a society for the LGBTQ2SIA+ community and allies on Salt Spring Island.  We are hosts of Salt Spring Pride, one of the largest and longest-running non-commercial pride celebrations in Canada.

Our website is currently under construction.

You can connect with us in our Facebook group.

DAISSI has the following mission:

  • to undertake educational outreach services on LGBTQ issues for the community at large
  • to provide opportunities for fun and socializing
  • to offer referral services to individuals who need support and comfort
  • to generally help encourage a positive and visible LGBTQ presence in the community

There are events to enjoy, justice issues to work on, committees to join and jobs that need doing. We celebrate Pride with a weekend-long festival every year. Board meetings are held every month. We welcome your participation in any aspect of the society.

diverse and inclusive salt spring island